Your objective is our challenge

RAIL.ONE GmbH conducts business with the goal of providing comprehensively oriented systems and engineering for the entire field of railway tracks and their many and varied requirements. In close collaboration with its customers and partners, RAIL.ONE offers all services for product development, production, and application, on a one-stop basis. In addition, RAIL.ONE manufactures main-track and turnout sleepers made of concrete: beginning with engineering, including production, supply, and logistics; and extending to quality management.

RAIL.ONE has achieved an internationally leading position in the field of high-speed rail lines. With its RHEDA 2000® patented system solution, RAIL.ONE can offer what is considered the most advanced track technology in the world. In international rail-transport projects in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Taiwan, RAIL.ONE has successfully proven its qualification and performance capability. In February of 2006, RHEDA 2000® attained the very first official quality approval in accordance with European Union Directive 96/48 G for high-speed rail traffic: a fact that emphasizes the innovation and performance strength of the company as an international provider of top technology in railway track construction. With around 700 staff and plant locations in Germany, China, Korea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary, RAIL.ONE maintains annual production capacity for a total of 4 million main-track sleepers and 580,000 linear meters of turnout sleepers. The company achieves average annual sales of approximately 130 million euros.

Top quality at RAIL.ONE is a critically integral part of what we are trying to do. From the very beginning, it is a core component of our corporate policy. Good evidence of quality performance at RAIL.ONE is the successful certification of all our plants in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Starting with planning and engineering, throughout production, and extending to logistics and delivery, all RAIL.ONE work processes are subject to continuous quality control. Additional evidence for our high quality level: RAIL.ONE has been approved in accordance with the AFER standard.

As early as 2001, RAIL.ONE expressed its confidence in the Romanian market by making its move to the country. Since then, the company S.C. TRAVERTEC S.R.L., a wholly-owned RAIL.ONE subsidiary, has at its plant in Buzau, Romania, produced main-track sleepers for various applications, in addition to turnout sleepers, by the so-called long-bed principle. From this base in Buzau, RAIL.ONE intends to support the expansion of Romanian railway infrastructure with future-oriented track solutions, to include ballastless track. Besides the Romanian railway company CFR, the focus here has been placed on additional municipal rail companies and tram operators, in order to effectively advise these companies with modern track-technology solutions. In such efforts, RAIL.ONE counts on effective collaboration with national construction companies for installation. The same applies to the employment of special track systems:  such as ballastless-track applications in tunnels and on bridges.

As a result of its favourable geographical location, and its good access to the sea, Buzau likewise serves as an essential location for export to adjacent countries. For example, more than 260,000 concrete sleepers have until now been delivered from Buzau for upgrading of the rail line from Ankara to Istanbul. All transports from this Romanian plant took place under the direct supervision and management of CFR, the Romanian rail company. Not least because of the Romanian position, strategically favourable as it is for coverage of the eastern-European market, RAIL.ONE plans additional production plants in Romania. In addition to further expansion projects in this country, RAIL.ONE has accorded top priority to participation in the Corridor IV Project, which will connect Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. This project is ranked as a key effort in networking eastern Europe in the European Union. As a company active throughout Europe, RAIL.ONE plans to literally take part in building a unified Europe.

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Transformation is movement

On the basis of its leading position in Germany and the rest of Europe, RAIL.ONE is systematically entering new markets in the growth regions of tomorrow: the Near and Middle East, Africa, America, and Asia.

A strong partner indeed

Fifty years of corporate experience, innovative technological know-how, as well as top individual service quality: all of this makes RAIL.ONE one of the strongest and most reliable partners around the world in the development and construction of track systems for railway traffic.