With new concepts to new horizons – the role of a system provider

Railway track systems represent the transportation infrastructure of the future. The current opening of European societies and markets, and their major expansion, pose new challenges: e.g., in international planning and execution of rail lines, as well as in construction projects serving passenger and freight traffic. Other rail markets are changing as well, and all of this means significant demand for new concepts.

The first step involves communications – and this is where RAIL.ONE goes into action. Now as before, track systems and infrastructure must be designed for advanced transportation systems – and a great deal remains to be done. Transportation networks are not yet sufficiently compatible at borders between countries. Research for innovative products and production processes must be promoted on a vigorous, ongoing basis. Planning and implementation work must likewise be more closely merged and coordinated. The key to successful project work lies in integration of the system provider into the engineering and construction process.

We have grasped what is required

As system provider, RAIL.ONE is at the interface between planners, general contractors, and construction companies. A complex construction project - e.g., the new high-speed line HSL Zuid in the Netherlands - demands far more than merely the delivery of hardware. RAIL.ONE accordingly understands its mission as a service and competence provider. Leadership in technology is assured not only through advanced production facilities and innovative process technology, but also and primarily through experience and know-how in engineering - and by ongoing research and development in the many and various products and systems that serve rail transportation.

Down a clear line

As system providers, we see ourselves as pioneers for the track of the future.

Investing in the future

If you want to move mountains, you need strong partners.