On the scene in many countries

No matter where you are building – we would like to support you in your work. With its extensive sales network and numerous locations, RAIL.ONE hold a leading position in track technology and in the production of concrete sleepers. We work continuously on the expansion of our production network, in order to be able to support you promptly and expertly at the focal points of railway-infrastructure markets.

Standard products in large production series are produced economically on short notice. After a short preparation time, customized models can be manufactured in small production lots at a high engineering level. No wonder, since we at RAIL.ONE place such importance on quality. RAIL.ONE is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards.

Currently, RAIL.ONE national and international production plants together produce up to 4,6 million concrete sleepers annually – of which a major share is B 70 standard sleepers. These plants also deliver more than 580,000 linear metres of turnout sleepers every year.

RAIL.ONE systematically depends on local know-how and added value. Please take a look at the Web sites of our subsidiaries:

Romania: www.travertec.ro
Spain: www.travipos.com
Hungary: www.railone.hu