The classical way on concrete sleepers: simple and flexible

Now as before, concrete sleepers on ballast represent the classical, fundamental version of track systems. In many cases, conventional ballasted track systems fully satisfy the requirements placed. Ballasted tracks offer especially great advantages where refurbishment of existing lines is involved: rail traffic can be partially maintained, even during the construction phase. Total life-cycle costs are increasingly assuming a major role in the planning of new lines. Concrete sleepers can be laid, for example, on a flexible and cost-reducing basis, “under the rolling wheel” - i.e., without interruption of rail traffic.

Further information

TOO Concrete Sleepers

The TOO concrete sleeper is considered the classic for applications on ballasted tracks.

Turnout Sleepers

Our concrete turnout sleepers also have an excellent reputation for great stability and positional security.

Bridge sleepers

These concrete sleepers are primarily applied on bridges for mainline and regional rail traffic.

Special track systems

In cooperation with RAIL.ONE, we offer further innovative solutions in the area of special track design for ballasted tracks.

Nationally successful

Main-track and turnout sleepers from TRAVERTEC have been employed for numerous projects in Romania and in neighbouring regions.