Safe travel over bridges

These concrete sleepers are primarily applied on bridges for mainline and regional rail traffic. Special features here are the so-called check rails and arrester barriers. In one configuration, two rails are installed in parallel, with an interval of about 180 mm, and converge at the arrester barrier in a V-shape configuration. In the event of derailment, these protective features prevent a train, for example, from falling from a bridge or impacting against a bridge pier. A single- or double-sided solution can be implemented, depending on the requirements.

The advantages:

  • Protection in case of derailments
  • Rail fastening based on a ribbed baseplate
  • Identical types for the running rails and check rails
  • Same sleeper height throughout
Technical Data / P00 W60 Bridge Sleeper
Permissible axle loads25 t
Maximum speed200 km/h
Concrete gradeC 50/60
Concrete volume152 l
Weight (without fastenings)350 kg
Length2600 mm
Width300 mm
Sleeper height200 mm
Height of centre of rail base200 mm
Height of sleeper centre190 mm
Support surface (total)7800 cm²
Standard applicationBridge sleeper

The corridor line from Bucharest to Campina

A total of 680 Type P00 W60 bridge sleepers are used on the Romanian rail line here.

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