Special tracks for special applications

How can we make ballasted track systems even faster, more comfortable, and able to carry greater loads? We are continuously searching for innovative track solutions that can be laid cost-effectively with existing technology. Wide sleepers combine the advantages of ballastless and ballasted track systems: they offer a high degree of availability, they are optically attractive, and they fulfil the highest expectations for ride comfort. Sleepers with elastic support mean the optimization of conventional concrete sleepers with respect to durability, track positioning, maintenance, and load-carrying capability. So far, so good: but we’re going to continue our research for even better things!

Further information

Wide Sleeper Track

Owing to their greater width and the resulting larger supporting surface area, these wide sleepers reduce the load stresses applied to the ballast bed.

Elastically Supported Sleepers

The performance of ballasted sleepers is considerably enhanced by elastic pads: the result is reduction in maintenance costs and long-term improvement of track geometry.

Freight and heavy-haul rail transport

You want to transport your freight fast and reliably. We offer in technical cooperation with RAIL.ONE track systems that provide top performance in quality and reliability – also for axle loads of more than 40 metric tonnes. 

TRAVERTEC is a 100% subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, Germany. We offer an extensive line of concrete sleepers and railway track systems for passenger traffic as well as freight- and heavy-haul transport.

Wider, faster: more sophisticated

The wide sleeper not only lowers expenses on track-substructure work: it also significantly reduces the effort required to control vegetation.