Ballastless track system RHEDA 2000® - High speed to perfection

The future of rail traffic has already arrived. The RHEDA 2000® system is our contribution to ICE technology: this track is ideal for heavy loads, for extreme speeds, and with top safety. The monolithic, ballastless RHEDA 2000® system represents the most advanced stage of development in the RHEDA family. This system is used for mainline tracks, especially on high-speed routes. Chief characteristics of the supporting concrete slab include its lack of a trough, and its use of a modified bi-block sleeper with a lattice truss. The development of special turnout sleepers for the RHEDA 2000® system means that track and turnout are totally compatible: the uniform structural height and the reduced weight enable significant time and cost benefits in project engineering and installation. As a result of the monolithic structure of the track-supporting layer, and the low overall structural height, this system is outstandingly suited for applications for earthwork systems, tunnels, and bridges.


The advantages:

  • Capability of modification to suit all standards for international high-speed traffic
  • Perfect track positioning, also on bridges and in tunnels
  • Great precision of gauge and track geometry owing to the cross sleepers used
  • No need to use compensation tolerances in rail fastenings
  • No periodic occurrence of waves in the rails
  • No special tolerance requirements placed on individual components
  • No need for longitudinal joints in the track-supporting layer, as a result of elimination of the trough
  • Monolithic construction as a result of optimized track system design with superior bonding quality 
  • Good concrete properties as a result of requirement-oriented concrete technology
  • Great daily track-laying output
  • Capability of reduction of the reinforcement ratio in the track supporting layer in tunnels
  • Favourable rescue and emergency access owing to the smooth track surface

Since 2000, 2.600 km of ballastless track and 200 linear metres of turnouts of RHEDA 2000® in its current form respectively of the related RHEDA family techniques have been installed in over 10 countries. For more detailed information please visit the RAIL.ONE Homepage.

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TRAVERTEC is a 100% subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, Germany. We offer an extensive line of concrete sleepers and railway track systems for passenger traffic as well as freight- and heavy-haul transport.

The modular principle

Uniform track-supporting layers with low structural height ensure simplified route planning and installation. The lightweight mode of construction, with the possibility of installation by track sections, enables optimization of construction schedules. Fastening of the track to the substructure, and track regulation, with a high degree of mechanization: this saves time and money.