Just the right solution for all requirements

Fast, flexible, convenient, and cost-effective: trams and urban-suburban commuter railway systems are indeed attractive nowadays, down the whole line. And it's no wonder that the use of such services has become more and more popular. The growing positive importance of mass-rapid transport by rail, however, demands the ongoing development of innovative solutions and of new technologies with steadily improved cost effectiveness, safety, and environmental compatibility.

TRAVERTEC - in technical cooperation with RAIL.ONE - has set the objective of making urban transit by rail even more attractive. With the RHEDA CITY ballastless track system, you too can realize greater mobility and flexibility in your city.

Your eyes travel along, too

This saying is never more true than in mass rapid transit. Millions of people are underway by MRT, day in and day out. Effectively functioning mass transit is the heart of any city. In this sensitive zone of modern urban life, aesthetic standpoints are also gaining in importance, in addition to functionality and engineering. The Green Track contributes to beautifying the entire urban landscape. At the same time, Green Track models contribute to enhancement of municipal ecological balance, since they improve environmental conditions involving air, soil, and ground water. With the highly structured surface of the vegetated surfaces – as well as the elastic rail supports featured by advanced track models – these tracks offer more favourable characteristics for airborne and structure-borne noise. Nice for people, and nice for the environment.

TRAVERTEC offers - in technical cooperation with RAIL.ONE - the following two ballastless track possibilities for Green Track: 

  • The model RHEDA CITY GREEN, as a monolithic system on a concrete supporting layer
  • The model ATD-G, as a system directly supported on an asphalt track-support layer

Further information


The RHEDA CITY ballastless track system was developed especially for mass rapid transit, and is particularly effective for use with trams and commuter systems.


RHEDA CITY GREEN is the vegetated version of the RHEDA CITY system that has proven so successful for many years in mass rapid transit.


This ballastless track solution is characterized, in addition to its asphalt supporting layer, by being covered with turf or sedum vegetation.

TRAVERTEC is a 100% subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, Germany. We offer an extensive line of concrete sleepers and railway track systems for passenger traffic as well as freight- and heavy-haul transport.

RHEDA CITY: the reliable way

As ballastless track system, RHEDA CITY is optimally integrated into the overall flow of traffic: trams, buses, motor vehicles, and pedestrians all share the same track. The system can be paved as required with asphalt, concrete, or paving stones.

Green light for the railway

Both the ATD-G as well as the RHEDA CITY GREEN systems can be laid with conventional road- and track-construction equipment. The small number of working steps in track installation allow fast completion of construction.