RHEDA CITY: reliable, invisible, and simply flawless

A prime advantage of this track system is that you can’t see it. The RHEDA CITY ballastless track system requires almost no maintenance, offers perfect ride comfort, supports heavy loads, and ensures great safety. RHEDA CITY functions according to the same principle of all systems from the RHEDA family. The RHEDA CITY system was, however, designed especially for mass rapid transit, and is especially effective in applications for trams systems and surface commuter train lines. RHEDA CITY is characterized by simple construction technology: modified bi-block sleepers with lattice trusses facilitate installation and guarantee precise track gauge at the same time. RHEDA CITY provides additional advantages by the monolithic structure of its track supporting layer, and by its low installed structural height. But construction benefits do not stop with RHEDA CITY with normal track alone: it is also possible to integrate turnouts into the same technology.

RHEDA CITY can be covered with asphalt, concrete, or paving blocks, as desired. And for those who prefer to travel over green paths RHEDA CITY GREEN is the attractive alternative.

The advantages:

  • Simple, transparent system structure
  • Flawless track positioning
  • Compatibility with street construction
  • Great precision of gauge and track geometry from the cross sleeper
  • Friction-locked anchorage of the track span
  • Elimination of underpouring of the track frame with its uncontrolled introduction of heat into the track span
  • Monolithic construction as a result of optimized track system design with superior bonding quality
  • Defined elasticity of the track, by employment of pre-assembled components
  • Elastic or continuous support of the rails is possible
  • Elimination of gauge tie bars
  • Great levels of safety and long service life
  • Conformity with requirements for electrical isolation
  • Capability of "building and riding" procedures

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For more detailed information about RHEDA CITY projects please visit the RAIL.ONE Homepage.

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TRAVERTEC is a 100% subsidiary of RAIL.ONE, Germany. We offer an extensive line of concrete sleepers and railway track systems for passenger traffic as well as freight- and heavy-haul transport.

Simpler and more transparent system structure

RHEDA CITY consists of a compact concrete slab into which special versions of bi-block sleepers are concrete-cast.

RHEDA CITY: the safe way to go

As a ballastless track system, RHEDA CITY is optimally integrated into traffic flow: trams, buses, cars, and pedestrians all share the same track surface. The system can be covered with asphalt or other paving material, as required.